Letter From The Editor: Get What You Deserve

I had the opportunity to write for one of my favorite blogs MyBlackMatters ,which is such a positive platform for Black Women, and I am honored && over the moon that my post was published on their site. Being that this is one of the posts I am most proud of, I wanted to share it with my readers as well. Hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I enjoyed writing it. xoxo


“ It sounds incredibly platitudinal, but no one will ever be able to love you if you don’t love yourself. What’s beautiful about it is that if you love yourself enough, you don’t need the validation from anyone else.” -Leandra Medine [1]

Making sure you get what you deserve and refusing to settle is critical when it comes to taking charge and maintaining your own happiness. You have to genuinely believe in your worth, in order to ensure that you get what you deserve. Once you get in touch with how valuable you are… its amazing what you won’t put up with. (more…)


Thank God for Puberty

For those of you that aren’t acquainted with me yet, my name is KC. Every once in a while, I like to share a more personal story with everyone. I ran across this picture not too long ago and thought I would harp on this for a minute.

Raise your  hand, if you went through some not so appealing times in life… I’ll raise both hands… growing up I definitely went through some stages of awkwardness. I’m glad I did though because from those times I have generated some key characteristic traits and survival skills. In the beginning it was all good… I was an adorable baby, and toddler. Heck, I was a cute kid, and then came the pre-teern years. Boy those were rough. I had acne, I was super skinny, and my eyebrows were in desperate need of professional help. I have always been pigeon-toed, and bowlegged. I still am. I use to hate it, but now it doesn’t bother me, and the crazy thing is later on in life, it became a feature people were attracted to. Weird right ? lol (more…)

7 Tips to Make This a Great Week

Well Monday is here again. Yes the weekend is over BUT this also means a new week of unlimited potential awaits. Here’s some suggestions and ideas that will help you have a happy, productive and meaningful week.

  1. Set Goals. Ideally we would set these goals on Sunday( but Monday is fine). I reflect on the week that just passed, and I like to take some time to think about the week that is ahead. I use the Goal setting outline from 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
    1. Identifying Roles: Identify the key roles in your life. If you haven’t given this much thought think about the roles that first come to mind. Some of mine for example are: Daughter, Sister, Granddaughter, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Designer etc.
    2. Selecting Goals: Think of 2-3 vital things you would like to accomplish in each of these roles for the upcoming week. For example as a granddaughter I need to go over and paint my Grandmother’s nails. As an entrepreneur, I need to finish my latest business plan, as a blogger I want to publish at least 5 posts this week etc.
    3. Scheduling: Taking the above goals, and scheduling time to do them. Be flexible though, daily duties happen, so adaptions may be needed.
  2. Get the Most out of Every Day.Yes this might sound cliché, but each and every day is a gift. This may sound ridiculous but I remember seeing a post that read “You have the same amount of hours in a day as Oprah.” It’s a different way of thinking, but its true. Everyday is a gift and everyday calls for greatness. You can accomplish anything if you really desire to do so.
  3. Do That Thing You Are Dreading to Do: Everyone has at least one thing that they keep calling off. Get that thing done. If anything else, once you get that out the way you will surely applaud yourself and feel like you got something accomplished this week.
  4. Nurture Your Relationships. I am a firm believer that one of the stems of happiness is highly dependent on the quality of our relationships with other people. I try to take time each day and throughout the week to commit and communicate with the peoplei care for. I try to call my grandparents once a week. I talk to my sorority sisters daily, I check in with colleagues, talk to my parents throughout the day. Relationships are a critical part of a healthy atmosphere.
    1. Pick Up the Phone: Text messages and emails are cool, but they aren’t personal. Take some time to actually call someone. I promise you the quality of conversation will be so much better.
    2. Meet a Friend for Lunch: Food and Conversation are some of my favorite things. Its’s always good to stop playing phone tag and have a face to face catch up session.
    3. Remember Birthdays: Birthdays are huge. I celebrate evey birthday of mine like its my last, so I try to make the people around me feel just as special when its theirs. If you can’t do anything else,you can acknowledge someone’s birthday. There is so much technology today, you have no excuse as to why you can’t get to someone on their birthday. Use a notebook, planner, Facebook, or leave a reminder in your phone.
  5. Try Something New. Try something new this week, if you need some ideas check out this article How to Improve Yourself: 50 Ways to Kick Ass in All Areas of Life
  6. Be Disciplined. Starting the week by setting goals is a lot like New Years Resolutions. These things are easy to make, but even easier to dismiss as time goes on. Sure there may be some changes in the week or you might not get to everything, but imagine how good you will feel if you get everything done! Effective goals lead to effective weeks, effective weeks lead to months, and before you know it you had a productive year!
  7. Make A Difference. This week commit to making a difference in this world, a positive impact. Sure it would be wonderful if you could go out and feed the homeless or volunteer at a shelter. Those are amazing attributes but sometimes our weeks may not allow us to have time to do so. Don’t count yourself out just yet, even the following small actions can make a big difference:
    1. Recycle
    2. Buy lunch for someone in need
    3. Clean out your closet and drop somethings off at Goodwill or the Salvation Army
    4. Volunteer your time for any good cause
    5. Put a smile on a child’s face
    6. Do something nice for your parents
    7. Do something nice for a friend
    8. Heck, just do something nice for someone else

Hope these suggestions and ideas were helpful. How are you going to make this week great? What are some of your goals?

So I Been Reading About Blogging Goals/Objectives…

Tomorrow starts the Blogging 101 course hosted by I’m looking forward to the insight and advice that is to come from the course. I believe that when you do anything, you need to have passion behind it. Passion requires goals, objectives, and discipline. I started reading and researching various posts and articles about blogging goals, and objectives. I wanted to share a few points that really stuck out to me. (more…)