Letter From The Editor: Passion + Motivation … one in the same

Each week, I hear from people who say things like, “I start with good intentions, but I can’t seem to maintain my consistency for a long period of time.”

Or, they will say, “I struggle with keeping on track. I get started but I can’t seem to follow through and stay focused for very long.”

Sound familiar? Yea, me too. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. (more…)


Chapter 3 of 12

Good Morning Loves ! It’s the first day of March. March holds a special place in my heart for a number of reasons. 

  • Favorite season
  • Favorite season to dress for 
  • Favorite Zodiac sign . Hey Aries 
  • My favorite number is 3 
  • Last but not least… it’s my birthday month! 

Trust and believe , I have more reasons , those were just the basics. 

In honor of my favorite month, I plan on making the next 30 days full of blogging bliss. 

I’m going to post a few things later as far as challenges, hopefully you guys can join in and we can make this an awesome and enjoyable month for everyone. 

Can’t wait to share all my quirky ideas and themes with you all.

Cheers to the best Month of the year. 

If you are a March baby yourself, let me know 🙂 

Xoxo . 

May mercy, peace, and love be yours in abundance


… and it’s only HUMP DAY !

As some of you may know I recently started my own business. I FINALLY finalized business card ideas, and the photographer is going to add some more pictures for my website. I cannot wait to do a HUGE launch on everything. Now that my business is doing very well, I’m ready to execute the proper marketing, and advertising. It’s getting a little costly, but you have to invest in yourself. What you put into your business, is a reflection of what you plan to get out of it.

Yesterday, my business partner and I got a lot of work done, and I am so excited about everything this year has to bring! I feel so good.

Come Summer of 2015, my business partner and I will be launching our PR Firm, and I am so incredibly excited about that. We finalized a business name and already have a few potential clients, and events underway.

I have my hands in a few more jars. I can’t wait to share all my other projects with you all !  I am so happy and grateful that everything is coming together. Last year was a really crappy year for me, and I told myself that I would do everything in my power to make sure that 2015 was promising, eventful, and productive. Sometimes you need bad times, to create that fire under your ass.

I’m happy, I’m blessed, and I plan to keep this momentum going.

This week is going fabulous. I hope everyone else’s week is going smoothly and productive. I wish nothing but the best for all of you.

What ventures and goals have you all made this year? I would love to hear about them. How is everyone’s week going so far?

Would being your own boss make you happy ?

I graduated college in May of 2011. They never tell you in school that a bachelor’s degree means squat in the real world. I was expecting to have a full-time job of my dreams, a posh apartment by water, and an all black jeep wrangler by August. I mean I have a degree right?! HA! The first few months were like getting pistol whipped in the face. Applications wanted you to have 5-7 years of experience for everything! If I’m 22, how the heck am I suppose to have 5-7 years of experience of anything!!? That’s not even logical. In the meantime, I decided to work a few jobs to keep myself busy while I made a master plan. Heres just a brief summary of my work history from 2011-2013… (more…)

5 Fab Apps to Have if You Are a Busy Body

According to a Nokia Study,we (smartphone users) check our phones every 6.5 minutes, which is about 150 times throughout the day. One of the best things about having a smartphone? All of the apps available to us.

There’s no end to what ingenious people will do with the technology of apps. Today we’ve got some fabulous, free apps perfect for the working woman (or man). Check these out during one of those 150 times you check your phone today! (more…)

Weekly Goal Challenge!

Last week I made a post titled,  7 Tips to Make This a Great Week. This was the original inspiration for this post.

This is a new week and that means new goals! I know it’s the middle of the month, but who cares?! Goals are goals, and they always need to be met! I want to challenge you all to my Weekly Goal Challenge. Let’s all try it together!

For the next month I’m going to post my goals of the week and keep you guys posted on my progress. So I decided to make a challenge of it. This way we can get better acquainted, and create a support system. There’s nothing like cheerleaders to help you along the way. Everyone can benefit from a little support =)

Please feel free to refer back to my original post if you need better understanding, and help executing. Click here.


Since this is our first week, we won’t get too crazy.

  • Pick (3) roles that are the most important to you. They can be anything; mother, father , son, daughter, business owner, employee, artist , blogger , etc.
  • After you pick these roles, make (1) goal for each role. I made an example of mine. You can use this as an outline:

Week One:

  1. Role– Business Owner/Entrepreneur Goal: Deliver products on time
  2. Role-Blogger Goal: Create Weekly Blog Plan
  3. Role-Daughter Goal: Take some time this week to have quality time with your parents

*Feel Good Project– In my original post, the 7th habit is “Making a Difference.” I wanted to incorporate that in this challenge. I’m going to reach high this week and make a goal to volunteer at a shelter nearby.

Ok. So you created 3 roles and have a goal for each? Great ! Every week we will add on to the goal list. I am eager to see what you guys choose as your *feel good projects! I’m going to keep you guys updated on my progress via blog posts. I would love to know what your goals are. Either leave a post about your goals and tag me in it, or feel free to leave a comment below. If you are feeling shy, you are more than welcomed to email me @

Whatever you chose is fine, I look forward to hearing about your goals and checking on you throughout the week. If you want to post about your progress that would be awesome! I encourage it. If you rather leave a comment and let us know how you are doing that’s perfectly fine too. However you want to keep track of your progress is up to you. The objective is to complete these goals. Come Saturday, we can all share our progress and finished products. I’m going to figure out a way to include everyone that participates.

I wanted to do a challenge that could be useful to everyone. What better way to start off the year by organizing goal plans! I’m all about creating healthy habits. Have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask. Let’s get started on a happy and productive week!

Women: Is it Aggression or is it Self-Sufficient ?

I wanted to have a serious open conversation with all of you. I wanted to know what you guys(women and men) thought about “aggressive women?” I also wanted to know what your definition and perception of an “aggressive woman” is.

So I recently came across this picture on Instagram, I attached it to this post.The picture is basically saying if a woman has a career, is God-fearing and focused she doesn’t need a man. I remember seeing this picture and asking my (now) ex-boyfriend how he felt about it. His response?
” If a woman has all these things, she doesn’t need a man, she wants a confidant “ …. Let’s soak that comment in.

I found the post and his comment extremely chauvinistic.

This is my position. I have always gotten off when people talk about business, career moves, and other professional ventures. I’ve always been that way, ever since I could remember. I remember being little and sitting in the bathroom and pretending that I was being interviewed by Oprah, discussing my latest accomplishments. I’ve always been a little crazy, but we will save that conversation for another post. (more…)

Self-Employment: What My First Month Taught Me

Today I celebrate my one-month anniversary of being self-employed full-time! Goodness! What a month it has been! Surprisingly, it’s been pretty amazing.

Honestly, it’s a life altering experience. I can spend hours talking about how much I love being self-employed and how quitting my job was one of the best personal decisions I’ve made in … well…forever. However, today I’m going to focus on the many wonderful things I’ve learned in this seemingly incredibly long month. Yes, it’s been a long month, but it’s been fulfilling.

These are some things I wish I would’ve known before I got started. I’m positive other people gave me advice like this, but it didn’t really hit me until I was learning and experiencing for myself. I’ve always been hard-headed, and had to learn things the hard way. I appreciate all learning lessons though, and I wanted to share some with you. So if you’re going to become self-employed soon, pay close attention and learn from my mistakes so you can be fabulous and productive right off the bat! (more…)