Fab Five Blogs

Its Saturday and on Saturday’s we talk about my Five Favorite Blogs of the week. I pick this list from actual bloggers that I follow.

  1. The first blog I wanted to discuss was a blogger I have met through my Blogger 101 class. His posts are insightful and I always look forward to his feedback on my blog posts. If you are looking for some intriguing, interesting, and encouraging posts please check out one of my fav blogger buds Behind The Eyes | Memoirs Of Eclectic Perceptions !
  2. I enjoy this next blog because she is very intimate and candid. It’s a sincerity about this blog, and I am a sucker for positive vibes.You guys should go check out In Pursuit of Contentment.
  3. Hannah*Mumbi is another blogger that has a very sincere writing style. She’s open and honest , and her posts are really relatable. I love reading posts that I just get. She always delivers and she’s a great girl with a wonderful view and opinion.
  4. If you have been following some of my blog posts then you are aware that I am passionate about business. I decided to follow Inspired4Business , and let me tell you… they are extremely uplifting. This blog has such amazing stories and helpful tips. I look forward to reading each and every post, especially during a hectic and crazy work week. I’m such a fan of this blog. I can’t express it enough.
  5. Last but not least I wanted to share one of my favorite blogs. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine, but every once in a while I entertain celebrity gossip. My favorite blog for this fix is I don’t really look into a lot of these blogs so I don’t know if this one is particularly popular or where it ranks amongst the gossip blogs. I had no idea there were so many ! If you guys have any other humorous or funny blogs in mind, please share … I enjoy a good laugh.

Thank you so much for giving us great posts this week guys! I’ve enjoyed reading. I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store next week.


Versatile Blogger Award

Good afternoon! I am so honored to be receiving awards, being a new blogger it really does mean a lot to me and I am so happy to receive this nomination. I was nominated by the lovely Valery. Thank you so much I really do appreciate it! Valery’s blog is one of my favorites, I have mentioned her in my Fab Five blogs before, if you haven’t checked her out yet please do so, she has so many good posts and topics.


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7 Facts About Me:

  1. I’m a true Aries. Every character trait mentioned for that zodiac sign is me
  2. I’m a sushi addict
  3. I’ve kept a personal journal since I was 13 years old
  4. I have ADHD but I refuse to take medicine for it
  5. My favorite number is 3
  6. I will drive a SUV until the day I die. I currently drive a Ford Explorer and I love her
  7. I’m 5’2.


Who I am and Why I’m here.

Why hello there! I have made a few posts, but I wanted to take a few moments and tell you about myself and why I’m here.

Well…My name is KC. I am originally from Southern California. I’m in my twenties, and I am a total free spirit. When its all over, I just want to be able to look back at my life and say that I did what I wanted, how I wanted. Life is too short and too beautiful to be anything less than enjoyable.

I have a personal journal, but I decided to get into blogging, because I enjoy the interaction between people. I like to read, and I enjoy communication. Blogging is like getting the best of both worlds.

My interests are broad, and I plan to discuss a few topics on my blog. I am fully capable of holding an insanely intense conversation about politics, and be just as passionate about mascara. LOL. That’s just how I am. I’m versatile, and I appreciate eclectic dialogue.

I’m here because I want to share parts of my mind with you all. I want to share my thoughts.

The people I have interacted with so far have been wonderful, the energy here is contagious. One of the best things I have experienced is feedback. I really do enjoy interaction, and I love that everyone is opinionated and up for discussion. I hope you guys have enjoyed reading some of my posts; I know I l have found pleasure in reading some of the things that pop up on my feed.

May mercy, peace, and love be yours in abundance – Best wishes to you all.


So I Been Reading About Blogging Goals/Objectives…

Tomorrow starts the Blogging 101 course hosted by I’m looking forward to the insight and advice that is to come from the course. I believe that when you do anything, you need to have passion behind it. Passion requires goals, objectives, and discipline. I started reading and researching various posts and articles about blogging goals, and objectives. I wanted to share a few points that really stuck out to me. (more…)