What 2015 taught me …


This year has honestly been one of the best years of my life. Mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually I have conquered a lot this year. I did things I never thought I would do, and I’m honestly damn proud of myself for how far I have come as a person. When I was a little girl I use to have this idea and image of what I wanted to look like, and who I wanted to be. I can finally say now that I like who I am becoming, and when I look in the mirror I smile, because I look exactly how I’ve always wanted to look.

When I talk about looks I’m not talking about physically. I’m talking about my vibe, my actual “look.” I grew up with a mother who always appreciated self-expression and individuality. I had a father who instilled strong work ethic, and to never conform to what others want you to be. I like to think I am becoming the perfect mix of the both of them. (more…)


Letter From The Editor: Passion + Motivation … one in the same

Each week, I hear from people who say things like, “I start with good intentions, but I can’t seem to maintain my consistency for a long period of time.”

Or, they will say, “I struggle with keeping on track. I get started but I can’t seem to follow through and stay focused for very long.”

Sound familiar? Yea, me too. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. (more…)

Find Me on Social Networks!

I’m so proud of myself ! I finally made a professional Facebook page ! Sometimes you only want to share your work with a select few of people, and I needed another page to separate my business from pleasure, so it all worked out. It’s all rather exciting. I wish I would have gotten this together when I first started, but hey better late than never.

I also have, a Twitter, and Instagram.  You can find everything on my sidebar. Please feel free to follow/add/like anything your heart desires. if you do so, please tell me … I’d love to reciprocate the love I’m given.


Hey Guys !

I usually am crazy active with my blog, but these last few weeks I haven’t been able to be up here like I’ve wanted.

In some of my previous posts, I have mentioned some of my business ventures coming up in the following months. All these projects have definitely been keeping me busy! I’m going to make a promise to myself to AT LEAST do the journal challenges everyday this week, after all … we are leading up to my birthday!

I appreciate the few of you that have asked me where have I been, that means the world to me! Well, I am launching my business officially in April, so that has been crazy. Business has been picking up, so I’m all over the place. I find that once the weather picks up, business always gets better so I’m grateful for that. I’m still working out some minor details as far as the event planning and production aspect, but the printing side is up and ready and booming! (more…)

March Journal/Post Challenge 

How was everyone’s first week of March ? Mine was busy and well spent, I love a productive work week !

Earlier in the week I said I was going to try to create a blog/post challenge. Well I found one and wanted to share it with you all . I would love it if you guys joined in !

Here are my answers for this week… (more…)

Personal Blogging Goals

I recently started another blogging course and I have always been interested in specific blogging goals. I find that if I don’t make goals pertaining to my blog, I don’t stick with them. For the next few months I want to focus on some goals that I really want to see through. I’m going to share my top three… let me know what you guys think …

My first goal is to spend at least one hour each week visiting my followers’ blogs, reading their posts, and commenting on their work, from now until June. I really enjoy comments and interacting with other people, it gives me so much life when someone comments on a post I created. The comments I receive give me such joy, and I really want to build better relationships with my fellow bloggers. Therefore this is a goal that I am really looking forward to putting in action.

My second goal is keep up with my weekly features. Currently right now I have:

  • Thrift Of the Day or Threads of the Day ( Thursdays )
  • Friday Favorites
  • Fab Five Blogs ( Saturdays)

Weekly features are so much fun to me. I want to make sure that I make time for them each week. From now until March 27th, I am going to make it my duty to keep these posts up and going as scheduled.

My last goal and one I find most important , is to stick to a steady set of posts each week. Initially I wanted  to post something everyday, and it started to become difficult. I like to make sure that my posts are well thought out and written and that can sometimes be time-consuming. I’m going to shoot for 4-5 posts a week. What do you guys think? I’m eager to know how many posts other bloggers post throughout the week. Being that I am a new blogger, and trying to grow my blog, I am curious to know what other bloggers think is a sufficient amount of weekly posts…

Well … I think these goals are pretty achievable. It’s all about sticking to them! If you guys have any suggestions or feedback, I would LOVE to hear about it. Also, if you have some ideas, or want to share your goals let me know. I enjoy bouncing ideas off of one another =)

5 Fab Apps to Have if You Are a Busy Body

According to a Nokia Study,we (smartphone users) check our phones every 6.5 minutes, which is about 150 times throughout the day. One of the best things about having a smartphone? All of the apps available to us.

There’s no end to what ingenious people will do with the technology of apps. Today we’ve got some fabulous, free apps perfect for the working woman (or man). Check these out during one of those 150 times you check your phone today! (more…)

Getting over a Breakup? 11 Ways to Move On…

It’s not me. It’s you.

No… it actually is you.

My last boyfriend was the absolute worse. No… I’m not being mean. I’m not calling him names. I’m not trying to sit up here and slander him. I’m just calling it what it was.

From the time we met, my relationship with my ex was toxic. The relationship was filled with power imbalance, violation of personal values, needing to be “perfect” in order to be loved and a lack of genuine intimacy due to hiding one’s true self. It was sad and miserable. It was like being stuck in a maze that I couldn’t get out off. Breaking up with him was a lot like the Alcoholics Anonymous program I had been through. You need certain steps to fully kick your addiction, eventually you get the right tools to turn your life around. Being in an unhealthy relationship, often times mimics an addiction. Its so bad, but you just can’t kick the habit. Eventually the one sided arguments became draining , his lack of effort or remorse became mentally and emotionally taxing. I just couldn’t do it anymore. The last stunt he pulled was repulsive and it was at this very moment I decided to leave. When I decided to leave , I did the best thing I’ve done for me in awhile … I put me First. (more…)

Martin Luther King, Jr – 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Headlines have dominated for months by the cases of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, and other various issues. There have been protests, outrage, and numerous conversations, trials, and debates. Also, the critically acclaimed and praise worthy film, Selma, is in theaters right now. I read different articles today, and read some really interesting things. In light of all that, I decided to take a minute to celebrate Dr. King with a look at some lesser-known facts about him. After all, he achieved incredible things in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. He was inarguably a hero, but he was also an ordinary man. He is always worth talking about. (more…)

Weekly Goal Challenge!

Last week I made a post titled,  7 Tips to Make This a Great Week. This was the original inspiration for this post.

This is a new week and that means new goals! I know it’s the middle of the month, but who cares?! Goals are goals, and they always need to be met! I want to challenge you all to my Weekly Goal Challenge. Let’s all try it together!

For the next month I’m going to post my goals of the week and keep you guys posted on my progress. So I decided to make a challenge of it. This way we can get better acquainted, and create a support system. There’s nothing like cheerleaders to help you along the way. Everyone can benefit from a little support =)

Please feel free to refer back to my original post if you need better understanding, and help executing. Click here.


Since this is our first week, we won’t get too crazy.

  • Pick (3) roles that are the most important to you. They can be anything; mother, father , son, daughter, business owner, employee, artist , blogger , etc.
  • After you pick these roles, make (1) goal for each role. I made an example of mine. You can use this as an outline:

Week One:

  1. Role– Business Owner/Entrepreneur Goal: Deliver products on time
  2. Role-Blogger Goal: Create Weekly Blog Plan
  3. Role-Daughter Goal: Take some time this week to have quality time with your parents

*Feel Good Project– In my original post, the 7th habit is “Making a Difference.” I wanted to incorporate that in this challenge. I’m going to reach high this week and make a goal to volunteer at a shelter nearby.

Ok. So you created 3 roles and have a goal for each? Great ! Every week we will add on to the goal list. I am eager to see what you guys choose as your *feel good projects! I’m going to keep you guys updated on my progress via blog posts. I would love to know what your goals are. Either leave a post about your goals and tag me in it, or feel free to leave a comment below. If you are feeling shy, you are more than welcomed to email me @

Whatever you chose is fine, I look forward to hearing about your goals and checking on you throughout the week. If you want to post about your progress that would be awesome! I encourage it. If you rather leave a comment and let us know how you are doing that’s perfectly fine too. However you want to keep track of your progress is up to you. The objective is to complete these goals. Come Saturday, we can all share our progress and finished products. I’m going to figure out a way to include everyone that participates.

I wanted to do a challenge that could be useful to everyone. What better way to start off the year by organizing goal plans! I’m all about creating healthy habits. Have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask. Let’s get started on a happy and productive week!