Friday Favorites

Baby Products That You Should Totally Use As An Adult


Who says you have to stop using certain products the older you get? There are SEVERAL products from our childhood that we can still use well into adulthood ! Here are some of my personal favorites that I like to keep around all year long.



Friday Favorites: Summer Must Haves

I don’t know about the rest of you, but in the summer I’m all about about staying cool. With the weather sometimes being hot and uncomfortable, I try to avoid putting on a whole face full of makeup at all costs.

However, just because its hot, doesn’t mean you can’t look polished. There are a few essentials to keeping a sexy summer glow, without doing a full beat. (more…)

Friday Favorites: 5 Beauty Home Remedies Every Woman Should Know

As I’ve gotten older, I have started to really appreciate a more “natural” lifestyle. When people generally speak about “natural” they generally think about … “hair” and yes that’s a positive transition for multiple reasons. However, there are many other ways to incorporate “natural” in your everyday life. I personally am really big on home remedies, I always have been.My mother raised my brother and I on many holistic beliefs and healing, and I’ve carried these rituals into adulthood. Not only are these practices beneficial, but they are useful and economical. This week for my Friday Favorites post, I wanted to share my 5 favorite home remedies that I believe every woman could benefit from. (more…)

My Favorite Protective Styles 

I’m so happy and grateful to those of you that have read my post about my natural hair journey. I actually received some comments/emails on protective styles so I wanted to make sure I created a helpful post about which ones have worked for me 🙂 


Friday Favorites

I am an online shopping whore! Today I wanted to share some of favorite online boutiques. Feel free to leave some of your favorite boutique(s) in the comments. I love checking out new shops! =)

lex&milaLex&Mila . The vibe: Summer Time fine.  I love this shop. It’s really flashy and has affordable clothes. It’s like a mix of thrifty and runway, and they are always uploading and restocking new clothes. The Lookbook they have provided on site is really inspirational, and gives you really cool ideas on outfit ideas. I love their summer wear. The shop instantly gives me a summer feel and I love checking them out for accessories as well.

ShopShaiShopShai . The vibe: Young woman sexy chic. This is a newer boutique. They actually just celebrated their one year anniversary in April I believe. What I like about this shop is that the different looks of the clothes vary. What I mean by that is that the owner buys different “looks.” You can be sporty, masculine, chic, or sexy, and the prices are really good. This boutique is pretty good with restocking. I have ordered from here a few times, and the merchandise was delivered in good timing. The owner does a pretty good job with discounts and surprise sales as well, so that’s always a huge plus.

NastyGalNasty Gal . The vibe: Think clothes you would find at a ridiculously awesome flea market, like high-end thrift store clothes. I appreciate this boutique for a number of reasons. First off I will forever respect Sophia Amoruso, the self-made woman who is the owner of Nasty Gal. She has a book on how she became to be the powerful business woman that she is now, I actually wrote a review on it, check it out here ! Anyways, the boutique is awesome. Now I will say, her prices do reflect the quality of work. However it is well worth it, and you will have one of a kind pieces.

Sorella SORELLA BOUTIQUE . The vibe: Chill Cali girl. Like some of you may know, I’m originally from Cali, and this boutique def gives me that vibe. What I do like about this boutique is that many of the pieces can be worn and switched out to play on other pieces. I’m all about being able to wear things more than once, dress an item up and down, and use it for various looks. I love her item selections year around as well. I buy a sweat suit from her every year.

Her Favorite.

HER FAVORITE. I found this boutique playing around on Instagram one day. The vibe: Sexy Street. The clothes are different. I will say, I don’t see her clothes sold on different boutique sites so that’s good. It’s nice knowing that not everyone can locate your stuff. The prices are good , the clothes are different and they also sell only a number of items, and custom pieces.

Friday Favorites: Men’s Edition 

Hellooo to the fellas . I want to take some time and focus on the male species for a minute . I gathered this info & some opinions from my friends and family.  For this post I wanted to share the five favorite things collectively we notice about the opposite sex. Of course this is always up for discussion. Let me know what you think !

1 – Your Greeting



Friday Favorites 

MarchFavorite Season | Not too hot, not too cold. I’m originally from California, so this humidity that Virginia gives me… I can soooo live without it. I value the balance of warmth and the cool breeze that Spring has to offer.

SaleFavorite Sales | … March is full of sales. You have department stores and boutiques trying to make room for all their spring gear. I rack up on all my winter gear in the spring, it’s extra cheap. Along with clothes. Frozen foods: March is National Frozen Foods Month, a large-scale marketing campaign that encourages grocers to offer price-cuts and coupons all month-long.  Luggage: Retailers such as Wal-Mart, Macy’s, and Sears discount luggage before travel-heavy spring and summer. • Boats: It’s the tail end of boat-show season. • Golf clubs: The season tees off in early spring, meaning last year’s irons are on sale. • Digital camera: Consumer Reports advises snapping up a digital camera in March and April—sales are best.

Favorite Workout Weather | I really do enjoy a nice walk or jog outside, Thanks to the weather warming up, outside workouts will be bearable again.outside workout

Favorite Music | Is it just me or does the music get better when the weather starts to get warmer? Bring it on …concerts

Favorite Fruits |  Mangoes, oranges , pineapples , strawberries… Oh My ! From here on out the fruits just just get better… And then fall starts . Whomp. Indulge while we can.fruits

Friday Favorites

Slight Food Edition!

Citrus Favorite Brunch SpotCitrus | So I had this the first time a few days ago, I’m sold. The food was amazing, and super affordable. I love a good brunch menu, and I am a sucker for homemade juice options. I decided to try this omelet that had crab and shrimp inside. Can we say… Heaven?! Amen.

Outback Favorite Soup |  Outback– Clam Chowder | One of my friends put me on to this and I haven’t looked back since. This clam chowder is such a quick fix. It’s not too heavy and overwhelming, but just enough to keep you full. What’s even better is that it isn’t that expensive. You can get a whole bowl for under $6!

Chipotle Favorite Fast Food | Chipotle | I am a believer. I know its a whole Chipotle craze, and I am a fan. I only get the chicken bowls though. I’m going to have to expand my horizons.

Favorite Food | Sushi | I love sushi. I can name a few places for days . I like to try various places and give them all a go. Now, I don’t partake in the raw fish on a slab of rice. Anything else though? I’m game.Volcano Sushi

Favorite Cake| Cheesecake Factory- Snickers Cheesecake | This is my guilty pleasure. Not too much candy bar, not too much cheesecake. It’s the perfect balance and goodness is it good. It’s a treat every time I get a piece, by far my favorite slice of pie.Cheesecake Factory

Friday Favorites


Favorite New Sugar Rush | Oreo – Red Velvet additionI’m not a big Oreo fan, however… I am a huge fan of anything red velvet! The cookie is sweet, but it does resemble red velvet. They got a little stingy with the amount, as you can see the packaging is smaller than the original size. Nonetheless they are really good,  and its a limited edition flavor thanks to Valentine’s Day.


Favorite Accessory | Michael Kors Watch- Bradshaw | I love gold, it’s all I wear. I wear this watch everyday, unless I’m at the gym or something. It can dress an outfit up or keep it casually sexy. I never been a fan of bracelets, but I like wearing something around my wrist so this always does the trick. I don’t care when the trend dies off, I’m still going to rock it, its my fav.

Favorite Reason to Dress up | Halloween | This isn’t my favorite holiday, but Halloween has some perks to it. It gives us a reason to be big kids, and the excuse to be anything we want to be. The parties are better, people are friendlier, and you get to see how creative everyone is. Bonus: Candy goes on sale everywhere. I mean whats not to love? IMG_0761IMG_0764

Favorite Mindless App | Snapchat | Snapchat is so mindless and pointless, but yet so addicting and lazy. I crack up every time one of my friends and I carry a conversation in our inbox via video. Why don’t we all just FaceTime and call one another? Who knows. Yes, this is my snap info, I’m not up there a lot as you can see. And yes, my name in my phone is Beautiful. I mean a girl should be told she’s beautiful everyday right? Sirigio is so good to me. lol IMG_0766

Favorite Channel | I.D Channel | Deadly Women. Wives with Knives. Fatal Vows. Deadly Encounters. Web of Lies. Do I need to go on? I love it. I live for this crazy little channel, its my addiction, it’s my drug, I can watch it all day. Judge me all you want, I’m going to remain loyal to the network.

Friday Favorites

I love a trendy weekly feature, so this week I wanted to feature some of my favorite things.

IMG_0659Favorite Girl | Roxie | She’s amazing, she’s smart, she’s witty and she is full of personality. She is the best friend a girl could ask for. Theres not enough words or characters to express the love I have for her or how freaking awesome she is. So…. I’m going to stop here. She was a little camera-shy today but you can still see how damn adorable she is.


Favorite New Show | Empire | Drama. Drama… and more DRAMA.  The characters are in-depth, the music component is good, it has humor, it has twists. It has everything! It’s a really good story line, and all the actors are amazing. You should definitely check it out. Wednesdays @9pm om FOX


 Favorite Lotion | Trader Joe’s Coconut Body Butter | I am a lotion and exfoliate fiend. Anything that will soothe and hydrate my skin, I am all over it. You wouldn’t believe the amount of money I invest in my skin. As far as lotions, I only wear cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, etc. This lotion smells amazing, and it’s also really thick. I love a thick and creamy lotion. I have been using this lotion for a while and have noticed quite an improvement with my skin such as, skin toning, and making my skin super soft. The best thing is, this isn’t even expensive! You can find this treasure at Trader Joe’s everywhere.

Favorite Lip Balm | EOS | I‘m sure you have seen these before. I’m here to tell you they are worth the hype. The circular size and bold colors, makes it super easy for me to find in my purse, and they smell heavenly. EOS lip balm comes in numerous scents/flavors so it’s always fun to switch it up when one runs out. This chap stick is good quality in my opinion, and you don’t have to apply a lot on to get the job done. Another plus? Surprisingly it lasts a really long time, so it’s worth the price.Try it, I’m so loyal. IMG_0664

 Favorite App | Etsy | I live for Etsy. It’s like a thrifters heaven. Honestly, you don’t even have to be a thrifter to love Etsy. Etsy is hands down my favorite app. You can find anything and everything up there from– jumpsuits, vintage jerseys, nursery accessories, to fake septum rings. ANYTHING!  I love the app, I do most of my shopping up there. I honestly like the app better than the desktop version. Whatever fashion trend you are into right now, I guarantee Etsy can give you fix.


 Questions or comments ? Please don’t hesitate to ask. Have you guys tried any of these? I would love to hear =)