Midi Rings, Stacked bracelets, Gold chains … Oh My

One of my favorite trends happening right now is the emphasis to detail.

I always have been “extra” as some would say. In my opinion jewelry/accessories are the most important component to any and every outfit. My favorite jewelry pieces to purchase are; rings, necklaces and bracelets.

If you have looked around in fashion magazines, Instagram or other outlets for fashion, wearing multiple pieces at one time is in right now. Its called “stacking.”

Now, if you are an extra soul like myself this whole trend is right up our alley. I personally think its fun, and adds lots of personality to any and every outfit. You can even put your own spin on it. I love wearing things that represent me. Everything you wear is supposed to represent who you are. That’s how you create your own personal style. Find things that you would be proud to wear.

Have fun with this. In my opinion, stacked jewelry only looks good, well… if it looks good. Here is a picture of what I have been sporting recently. I love gold, and small dainty rings.


I didn’t write the rule book, but I can share with you a few tips that I find helpful if you would like to achieve this look.

  1. Rings:
    1. The point isn’t to just throw each and every ring you have ever worn in life up on your fingers, you need some kind of method to your madness.
    2. This suggestion kind of aligns with above. Pick tasteful things, that would actually go together. For example, a mood ring probably shouldn’t be on the same finger as a huge class ring, and 2 knuckle rings. There needs to be some type of balance here lol.
    3. Again, these are just my opinions but commit to one metal type. Mixing silver and gold throughout your whole hand might throw things off.
  2. Necklaces
    1. You know what looks good on you. You know what kind of jewelry you should and should not wear. Again, it’s all about a balance.
    2. To get the layered look, the necklaces will need to be different lengths, that way each one is visible when you wear them. Lengths 14′, 16′, and 18′ seem to always look good together. I think (3) is enough, but as long as they are dainty, I think you could get away with a little more. Have fun and try them out.
  3. Bracelets
    1. Bracelets can get tricky because they are so close to your hands, and you don’t want too much going on. For example, on my left wrist I wear my MK watch, so that is it for my left hand. If anything, I’ll put on a really small dainty gold bracelet. Its small enough to still not take over my wrist, but enough to make a small statement.

Honestly those are just suggestions. At the end of the day, do what you want. The point is to have fun, and make it your own. Fashion is supposed to be a form of self-expression =)

Also, embrace things. You have to know what works for you, and what your personal style represents. Don’t just try things because they are in, try them because they are you.

Want to check out some cool affordable jewelry shops outline? Check out these links. Let me know what you think =)







    1. Thank you sooooo much for taking the time to check me out … I sincerely appreciate it 🙂

      && yes ! I love the trend as well. I just looooove the way it makes the hands look, and now they have so many pieces to choose from, it’s a lot of fun.

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