Letter From the Editor: Take Inventory on Life

The definition of inventory is :

  • to make an inventory of; enter in an inventory; catalog.
  • to take stock of; evaluate.
  • to inventory one’s life and accomplishments.
  • to summarize.
  • to inventory the progress in chemistry.
  • to keep an available supply of (merchandise); stock.
  • to have value as shown by an inventory:

Have you looked at your life and taken stock?

It is important to look at your life, and do a checkpoint on everything that your life encompasses. Look at your relationships (friends, family, significant other), look at your career , your goals etc. Take some time to look at your life, and ask yourself how you feel about it. Are there things you want? Are there some things you would like to see happen? Where is there room for improvement?

Taking inventory of your life gives you time to take a deeper look at things, and figure out what needs to be addressed. Life is hectic and often times can be chaotic… if we don’t take the necessary time to analyze the various components in our lives, it’s very easy to have certain issues or problems overlooked. Overlooked problems, eventually become bigger issues… that’s why its essential to take on troubles head on as they present themselves.

At the beginning of every month I like to make a list of things I want to get done in the next 30-31 days. I find that it is easier to knock out a few things, than a whole bunch of stuff at one time. I have always been a busy body, and am known for taking on several things at one time. Once I organize myself, and prioritize my tasks, I don’t feel so overwhelmed.

It’s important not to hold anything off either. Procrastination only leads to further issues in my book. Look at you relationships and the people who you have in your life. Have you been too busy to check up on your friends? Figure out some time during the week where you can send a text, or call certain people. Are you happy with the circle of friends you surround yourself with? As you get older, it really does become more apparent that who you associate with, embodies who you are. You are all a reflection of one another. Do you feel that the company you keep is a positive representation of yourself?

I think the biggest thing to take inventory of… is yourself.

” Are you happy where you are in life?  ” Are you happy with who you are?”

That’s  a deep question, but in my opinion out of all the personal inventory that point is the most important. Are you happy with who you are , and who you are becoming?

There was a time in my life where every time I took inventory, I felt like shit. I felt like my career needed major adjustments, my mental was all over the place, my love life was in shambles, and honestly my life was a sincere shit show. After awhile I got tired of feeling like crap, and overwhelmed. That’s when it became apparent to me that there were several things that needed to be fixed. I had to take inventory. It was imperative. However, once I started addressing my problems, I started feeling better about myself.

You can’t complain about things, that you choose not to fix. If you aren’t going to address your problem(s), stop bitching about them. It’s that simple. When things start to come together for you, you will naturally start to feel better. The thing is , only YOU can get your shit together. I know for me personally, I feel my best when I feel I am productive and putting my best foot forward. Even on the days that don’t go as planned, as long as I know I put forth some effort, I’m going to bed with a smile on my face.

I challenge you to take some time and think about your atmosphere. Think about all that is in your realm and ask yourself if you are at peace with everything that your world consists of. There is room for improvement in each and every one of our lives… take some time and take inventory on your life. Embrace and celebrate the triumphant days as they come. Tackle the problems and kinks as they go. Be patient with yourself, and take it one day at a time. Slowly but surely you will become the person you’ve always wanted to be. That’s the ultimate goal… isn’t it? =)

May mercy, peace, and love be yours in abundance. 




  1. Sunday, I took inventory on every situation in my life and I learned a lot not only about myself, but also about the people in my life. I even took my inventory a step further and asked those close to me to take inventory of our friendships/relationships to shed light on whether or not we were in good space with each other and what things we needed to work on individually as well as together. I will say it gave been a great deal of peace and answered many questions I honestly never knew needed to be answered.

    Great read and awesome advice. Thanks KC 🙂

    1. Yes!!! it is so critical that we take time to do a legit inventory on everything. This year has been such an eye opener for me, in so many ways and I feel like I am just now learning how to appreciate a mental inventory. The older I get, I find myself doing it more and more. I’m curious to know what your friends thought when you asked them to evaluate the friendship. That sounds awesome, I might have to give that a try lol. I think it all comes with maturity though, it seems like the older you get, the less tolerance you have for dead weight. I’m glad we are getting it together now. Better sooner than later !

      =) Thanks so much for reading. I live for comments. I appreciate you so much. There are just no words. xoxo

  2. Well, didn’t this come right on time. I’ve been taking hard long look at myself lately, and I’m disappointed with so much. The truth hurts. But its better to be honest with myself, because I’m not really fooling myself.

    1. I’m so glad you checked me out today! I’m even happier that you felt this was necessary , and helpful. I hope whatever you are going through this post was able to give you some sort of comfort. I will keep you in my prayers.

      ” Tough Times, Don’t last. Tough People Do.”

      I will be checking on you. xoxo. Keep your head up. You are awesome .xoxo

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