My Favorite Protective Styles 

I’m so happy and grateful to those of you that have read my post about my natural hair journey. I actually received some comments/emails on protective styles so I wanted to make sure I created a helpful post about which ones have worked for me 🙂 

1. Faux Locs 

My new obsession. They are just awesome for several reasons.


  • They are extremely easy to take care of/maintain
  • It’s ok if the braids/loc extensions get a little rough, and when your new growth comes in… It makes the locs look more natural and authentic. I love when it starts to grow out.
  • You can add personality to them. Different colors, loc cuffs , loc jewelry, various loc size … you can really make these your own.
  • Super easy to take out yourself. Literally you cut the end, and the loc will start to unravel on its own.


  • The process can be a tad lengthy depending on the hairstylist method of choice.
  • You might need a touch up within a month or two, sometimes the actual loc may start to untwist.

2. Braids 

Protective style as old as time .


  • Long lasting.
  • Multiple style versatility.
  • Should be relatively easy to find someone who knows how to do them.


  • WATCH YOUR EDGES. Sometimes stylists are quick to snatch up your edges and braid everything on your forehead. That’s a no no.
  • Easy to maintain, even though once your new growth really starts to come in you might need a touch up.
  • These braids can take forever to take down. If you are anything like me, the take down process can take a toll on you. I will avoid certain styles like the plague because I don’t have time to sit around all day, and take these out by myself.
  • Synthetic hair can sometime be a bi*** to maintain. Yall know exactly what I’m talking about .

3. Weaves 

Look . I love my Brazilian , I call her Kiki … and together we are fierce. Don’t mind my pictures, I’m just trying to slay real quick . Lol .

Anyone that knows me, knows I love me some wig/weave life.


  • Very versatile.
  • Easy to maintain your natural tresses, being that either all or most of it is braided up.
  • You can find a stylist just about anywhere.


  • If you have a weave, your real tresses may be difficult to properly maintain underneath.
  • You can’t just get up and go.
  • If you are anything like me you won’t settle for anything less than 18inches. Quite frankly that’s a lot of hair to curl/straighten. Love it at first and then I’m quickly over it. Too much hair. I always do it to myself smh. Lol
  • Can get expensive.

4. Wigs

True story… got my first wig made this year. I’m never going back to weave again. *Drops mic. It’s a game changer.


  • You are able to still get to your own hair and scalp.
  • You can switch up your looks whenever and however, you can have as many wigs as your heart desires.
  • You aren’t committed and stuck with that hairstyle, whenever you feel …just take the wig off.


  • Lets face it, it is a wig, it took me a long time to feel secure and comfortable with it on.
  • Wigs are better in the aspect of hair care, however you do have to maintain the wig as well. Get it professionally washed ( just my suggestion), wig elastic and tracks tightened here and there.

5. Halo braid 

Honestly I don’t know what this is actually called, my mom and I made it up years ago. Anyways in the event I’m in between styles I will be rocking this.


  • It is easy to do and will stay all week as long as you wrap it.


  • There is absolutely no versatility with this one.

These are just a few of my favorites, please share with me some of yours. I would love to hear about them =)



  1. I have always LOVED dreads and its been something I’ve considered later in life but with the faux locs I can have my dreads now without the commitment and that is just DIVINE! Ohhh, and you’re going to have to feel me in on this wig life I may have to get one made.

      1. YASSSS!! That is hands down my favorite hairstyle when I am not rocking the Brazilian lol. You have got to try them. The faux locs are super easy to maintain, and if you find the right person, they won’t cost you a grip.

        Also, the wig life is everything. I been wearing one for the past year. The thing is the lady I go to is so good, you would never know it was a wig. I don’t ever see me getting another sew in again honestly. The wig is like the best of both worlds. I have to get you hip, it will change your life.

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