Find Me on Social Networks!

I’m so proud of myself ! I finally made a professional Facebook page ! Sometimes you only want to share your work with a select few of people, and I needed another page to separate my business from pleasure, so it all worked out. It’s all rather exciting. I wish I would have gotten this together when I first started, but hey better late than never.

I also have, a Twitter, and Instagram.  You can find everything on my sidebar. Please feel free to follow/add/like anything your heart desires. if you do so, please tell me … I’d love to reciprocate the love I’m given.

If you aren’t on my blog page right now, but still want to check me out on other sites here’s the info:

  • Facebook: Karolyn (KC) Cousin
  • Instagram: its.kc
  • Twitter: KC_Maree

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up. Talk to you lovely people later.

May mercy, peace, and love be yours in abundance – Best wishes to you all.




    1. Thanks so much !!! Im really trying to master it . It’s a little more difficult than I had thought though . I always admired your blog . Do you have any suggestions ? How did you go about growing your blog ? 🙂

      I enjoy your posts so much

      1. Hey thanks for visiting… well, I’m only recently getting back into the whole social media thing, so i’m not sure if i’m the best person to advice you on that… you should be very active on social networks i think, communicate, follow, post a lot etc. that way people always notice you and don’t forget. BUT, IN REFERENCE TO GROWING MY BLOG, I just post what I like and what i’m comfortable with, and if readers like it, then they do. if not, i’m open to criticism and change, o i’m open minded. That way readers feel involved in the creative process of the blog.

Talk to me! xoxo

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