Friday Favorites

I am an online shopping whore! Today I wanted to share some of favorite online boutiques. Feel free to leave some of your favorite boutique(s) in the comments. I love checking out new shops! =)

lex&milaLex&Mila . The vibe: Summer Time fine.  I love this shop. It’s really flashy and has affordable clothes. It’s like a mix of thrifty and runway, and they are always uploading and restocking new clothes. The Lookbook they have provided on site is really inspirational, and gives you really cool ideas on outfit ideas. I love their summer wear. The shop instantly gives me a summer feel and I love checking them out for accessories as well.

ShopShaiShopShai . The vibe: Young woman sexy chic. This is a newer boutique. They actually just celebrated their one year anniversary in April I believe. What I like about this shop is that the different looks of the clothes vary. What I mean by that is that the owner buys different “looks.” You can be sporty, masculine, chic, or sexy, and the prices are really good. This boutique is pretty good with restocking. I have ordered from here a few times, and the merchandise was delivered in good timing. The owner does a pretty good job with discounts and surprise sales as well, so that’s always a huge plus.

NastyGalNasty Gal . The vibe: Think clothes you would find at a ridiculously awesome flea market, like high-end thrift store clothes. I appreciate this boutique for a number of reasons. First off I will forever respect Sophia Amoruso, the self-made woman who is the owner of Nasty Gal. She has a book on how she became to be the powerful business woman that she is now, I actually wrote a review on it, check it out here ! Anyways, the boutique is awesome. Now I will say, her prices do reflect the quality of work. However it is well worth it, and you will have one of a kind pieces.

Sorella SORELLA BOUTIQUE . The vibe: Chill Cali girl. Like some of you may know, I’m originally from Cali, and this boutique def gives me that vibe. What I do like about this boutique is that many of the pieces can be worn and switched out to play on other pieces. I’m all about being able to wear things more than once, dress an item up and down, and use it for various looks. I love her item selections year around as well. I buy a sweat suit from her every year.

Her Favorite.

HER FAVORITE. I found this boutique playing around on Instagram one day. The vibe: Sexy Street. The clothes are different. I will say, I don’t see her clothes sold on different boutique sites so that’s good. It’s nice knowing that not everyone can locate your stuff. The prices are good , the clothes are different and they also sell only a number of items, and custom pieces.


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