Letter from the Editor: Feed Your Mental 

When was the last time you took a day or weekend to yourself? We all need to take time to reflect, relax, and reinvest in our personal health and well-being, reconnecting with our minds, body, and soul.

I work so much and my mind is constantly on a thousand, at least once a month I try to take some time out for myself. With everything going on, it is imperative that I take some time out for ME. Big or small, I don’t discriminate … any getaway is time to get my mind right.

This past Memorial weekend I decided to take a much-needed vacay. One of my best friends (hey Dani!) asked me to come down to her family beach house, and I couldn’t resist! I wasn’t necessarily focused on checking off tasks on my to-do list or catching up on business or emails. In fact, I didn’t even bring my laptop! I sat around and did absolutely nothing, and let me tell you… it was glorious. During my time there, I took time to reflect about my personal happiness and gave gratitude to all the things I’m thankful for.

I don’t know about you, but at times I can feel out of sync in this fast paced world. In today’s society, we are all connected to each other instantaneously, constantly checking in to see what others are doing and updating them by the minute. Our heads stay down and our phones are permanently glued to our hands so we don’t miss a thing that occurs throughout the day. As a whole, we are so consumed with everything and everyone else. Why is that? Why is living vicariously through others lives so much more appealing than creating a life of our own? Imagine what would happen if you just worried about you?!

When’s the last time you taught yourself something new or took a class to pick up a fun hobby? When’s the last time you fed your soul? Think about it.

Every day we make professional goals for ourselves, and that’s perfectly fine, that’s expected, and I’m all about personal success and measure. However, when is the last time you set some fun goals for yourself? Beyond success, and money, in my opinion the most important objective in life is to actually “live.” I make professional goals for myself all day long, but I decided to take some time and create a hobby list for the summer. Some of my fun goals include:

  1. Learn how to play the guitar 
  2. Try to become somewhat fluent in Spanish – I ordered my Rosetta Stone off of Amazon a few minutes ago. Yes, I took Spanish in high school. I actually took up French and Spanish. However, like all things from high school… its all a wash now. I mean who remembers high school anyways?
  3. Take a self-defense class – Now we all know how to take care of ourselves if need be (well some of us, better than others… but that’s besides the point). I’m talking about really taking a real self-defense class, like kick ass, study the art form, be on some Tomb Raider type ish. I’m trying to learn how to kill somebody in three taps. Haha. Let me stop… but seriously …

Sure this sounds ambitious, but I will have more than enough time to master my new crafts. I told myself this summer, I will be limiting myself to only 3 hours of television. Television is kind of mindless, so I really want to cut down on that. As children, we weren’t raised watching television, so hopefully it isn’t that hard for me to adjust.

What are some new things you would like to master? Take some time out and create a list, get some new skills this summer, and have fun adding some new qualities and traits for yourself.

I’m encouraging you, to feed your soul more often. Take a mental vacation, and acquire some new skill sets. I myself intend on doing the same. Every so often… disconnect from the world. Enjoy life for the beautiful, simple things it has to offer you. Nothing is impossible; the universe is just waiting on you to take the first step.

May mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance




  1. Hi, I’m Amanda and I found your blog on the Commons, because I’m also taking Blogging 101. I just wanted to say– I love your goals!! They’re ambitious, but they’re all about bettering yourself and learning. Kudos and good luck.

    1. Thank you so much!! Also thanks for taking the time to read and check me out ! I really do appreciate it =)

      lol I’m pretty excited about the goals. I am really stoked about the guitar … I’m going to have to keep you guys updated and let you know how that goes lol haha. Thanks so much for the luck! Don’t be a stranger 😉

  2. This was so good! Often times we neglect the importance of self-care, especially as young adults. As our lives continue to become more complicated, we have to always remember to put ourselves first and enjoy life while we can! ❤

    1. Thanks so much !!! I’m so happy you liked it, and you know I’m ever so grateful that you take the time to check me out and read it. Putting ourselves first is a big MUST! I totally agree with you, and I think sometimes as women, we natuarally just become so nurturing , and cater to all sorts of other elements… it can become so easy to forget one’s own personal needs. I think we should make a goal of this, and always remind one another ! ❤ xoxo

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