Friday Favorites: Men’s Edition 

Hellooo to the fellas . I want to take some time and focus on the male species for a minute . I gathered this info & some opinions from my friends and family.  For this post I wanted to share the five favorite things collectively we notice about the opposite sex. Of course this is always up for discussion. Let me know what you think !

1 – Your Greeting


Why it matters: Why do you think it’s so nerve-wracking when contestants first get out of the limo on The Bachelor? And guys, don’t pretend you haven’t watched this addictive reality series at least once. It’s because they only get a few words and gestures to make a good first impression. A greeting is the first opportunity to present yourself the way you want to be seen. Your handshake, smile and “hello” all contribute.

How to get it right: Be confident, but friendly. Don’t look past us, or up and down our frame before you reach our face. Of course, if you can barely make eye contact from nerves, that’s not very appealing either. Look us in the eye, smile warmly, and repeat our name (to help you remember it). And never underestimate the power of a firm handshake.

2 – Your Hands


Why it matters: Since we’re already talking about handshakes, let’s discuss the state of your skin. I know that “Moisturize” probably isn’t high on your list of daily “To Do’s.” But rough hands are not something we ladies want to put up with. No one wants to touch scaly skin. Even if you think moisturizing isn’t “manly,” it’s in your best interest to keep your skin smooth.

How to get it right: Keep a hand cream at your desk at work and use it when you’re brainstorming your fantasy football lineup or trying to decide what to eat for lunch.

3 – Your “Look”


Why it matters: There are, of course, big fashion deal breakers guys (hopefully) know not to make. Showing up to a date in an “I’m with Stupid” t-shirt, for instance. Or walking into a business meeting wearing a Confederate flag biker jacket.

But usually, it’s smaller things that can trip you up with a first impression. A sloppy, untucked shirt – pants that clearly haven’t been pressed – muddy, grass-stained shoes.

How to get it right: Do a full-mirror scan before you leave your house. Do you look put together? Is your hair combed? Your shoelaces tied? Does your belt match your shoes? A quick once-over will save you from little mistakes in a first impression.

4 – Your Grammar


Why it matters: Even in the first exchange of “Hello’s” and “Hi my name is” pleasantries, ladies are making judgments. We notice if you’re using big words or not, if you say “umm,” call us “dude” or “babe,” and if your vocabulary is riddled with curses.

How to get it right: Read more books? We’re not asking for ten-dollar words dropped into every sentence, but we want to feel confident that you can hold up your end of a conversation if we introduce you to our friends or family without fear of you embarrassing us.

5 – Your Watch


Why it matters: This might seem silly, but you’d be surprised to know how many times this actually came up in discussion . Women don’t expect every man to flex a Rolex, but we do expect you to wear a man’s – not a kid’s – watch. No Mickey Mouse faces. No calculator watches. And nothing made of rubber if you’re not running a marathon.

How to get it right: If it’s time to upgrade your wrist wear, do a reconnaissance mission at your local department store’s watch counter to see what strikes your fancy. You can’t go wrong with a metal bracelet with a dark face, or a simple-yet-classic leather band with white face. Nothing showy, but nothing that suggests you won it in a carnival game either.

So what do you think? Mind you this is only ( 5 ) things , maybe I’ll do a sequel or Part 2 later … Lol. Anyways , what are some of the things you notice? As a man, what do you take the most pride in, when it comes to your look?



  1. I liked this post. Actually, I appreciated it as much as liked it. A ton of useful information from a woman’s perspective, without being preachy or sounding like my mother. And it’s not only appropriate for meeting the ladies, it’s valuable info for any social situation, business or leisure. Thanks for posting this. BTW, is “Friday Favorites — Men’s Edition a regular feature?
    If it is, I’ll be back; if not, it oughta be! -S-

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to check me out and read. I really appreciate that. Sincerely. I actually had a lot of fun gathering the information =). Friday Favorites is something I do every Friday, the topic is random. lol Whatever pops in my head. However, I am trying to incorporate things for the male audience. That’s why I decided to try a “Men’s Edition.” I think I’m going to try and keep up with it though. At least once or twice a month, keep it spicy, new, and I love hearing how the opposite sex takes to the posts. So thanks again !!! … I think I’ll keep it up =D

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