Nails • Of the Week • 

Just call it Gold Rush lol . I initially went in there trying to get something “subtle” for my birthday. My first idea was to get something gold, because well… I love gold. 

It started off gold polish, with gold specks dry coat. Then that turned into gold dust , and some more gold glittery polish . Before I knew it, we had 4-5 layers of gold goodness. Heck, a girl couldn’t help herself ! What am I to do ?! Lol . All in all, I love it . 

The length is a tad long, but I’ll manage for 2 weeks. How do you like ?  




  1. I think they look very nice on your hands. I couldn’t do that much glitter or that length of nails. I’m not coordinated enough, I’d probably gouge myself on accident. You pull them off flawlessly though!

    1. Thanks so much! I actually do like it a lot. It was nice to do a little something special for my birthday. lol and yesssss. these are long for me too! They must get cut down, simple things are difficult , and thats a no-no lol . Im sure they would like great on you =)

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