Friday Favorites 

MarchFavorite Season | Not too hot, not too cold. I’m originally from California, so this humidity that Virginia gives me… I can soooo live without it. I value the balance of warmth and the cool breeze that Spring has to offer.

SaleFavorite Sales | … March is full of sales. You have department stores and boutiques trying to make room for all their spring gear. I rack up on all my winter gear in the spring, it’s extra cheap. Along with clothes. Frozen foods: March is National Frozen Foods Month, a large-scale marketing campaign that encourages grocers to offer price-cuts and coupons all month-long.  Luggage: Retailers such as Wal-Mart, Macy’s, and Sears discount luggage before travel-heavy spring and summer. • Boats: It’s the tail end of boat-show season. • Golf clubs: The season tees off in early spring, meaning last year’s irons are on sale. • Digital camera: Consumer Reports advises snapping up a digital camera in March and April—sales are best.

Favorite Workout Weather | I really do enjoy a nice walk or jog outside, Thanks to the weather warming up, outside workouts will be bearable again.outside workout

Favorite Music | Is it just me or does the music get better when the weather starts to get warmer? Bring it on …concerts

Favorite Fruits |  Mangoes, oranges , pineapples , strawberries… Oh My ! From here on out the fruits just just get better… And then fall starts . Whomp. Indulge while we can.fruits


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