March Journal/Post Challenge 

How was everyone’s first week of March ? Mine was busy and well spent, I love a productive work week !

Earlier in the week I said I was going to try to create a blog/post challenge. Well I found one and wanted to share it with you all . I would love it if you guys joined in !

Here are my answers for this week…

  • March 1st: This was before … Umm… I drew a blank for this one. If you guys get an awesome answer for this let me know !
  • March 2nd: I’m looking forward to … moving and starting my journey on my own. My whole family irked my soul today… I cannot wait to get up and out of here
  • March 3rd: (3) things that matter most to me… 1. Success (accomplishing goals) 2. Maintaining healthy and positive relationships with people I love and admire 3. Maintaining a healthy and positive peace of mind. Keeping my sanity intact. Lawd knows I can drive myself crazy.
  • March 4th: What made me happy today … Well I do remember Wednesday, I booked a new client so that was an amazing day.
  • March 5th: My biggest vice… getting pierced, or tattooed when I’m bored or upset.
  • March 6th: Right now I am… sitting at my friend’s house, and blogging on my laptop, trying to figure out what I’m going to eat tonight .

OK… so now I’m all caught up =)

Tomorrow I will actually do a real post now that I’m good to go !

Below is the picture of the daily challenge tasks . There are some really awesome post ideas … Feel free to join in, or repost the picture on your blog if you would like. If you do … tag me in it ! I would love to see =)




  1. I am going to be looking for this when I prepare to start writing post again. After all its March the best month out of the year #Aries

      1. Yes it is too bad your not in NY we could of made a spectacle of it all:) but, never to far From us got your blog in My sights

      2. Of course! I think I you found me on Twitter. On my page I have my Instagram for my business that Im launching in April. I know we had previously talked about future projects. If you get a chance, check that out! What have you been doing? I missed seeing you up here.

      3. Oh you have your info up there, I’ll definitely check it out. I will definitely need to some help with my little big adventure. Well what have I been doing….let me finish the walk and imma get back to you on that a lot of passion and inspiration is moving me at the moment and I can’t exactly focus the way I want.

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