Thank God for Puberty

For those of you that aren’t acquainted with me yet, my name is KC. Every once in a while, I like to share a more personal story with everyone. I ran across this picture not too long ago and thought I would harp on this for a minute.

Raise your  hand, if you went through some not so appealing times in life… I’ll raise both hands… growing up I definitely went through some stages of awkwardness. I’m glad I did though because from those times I have generated some key characteristic traits and survival skills. In the beginning it was all good… I was an adorable baby, and toddler. Heck, I was a cute kid, and then came the pre-teern years. Boy those were rough. I had acne, I was super skinny, and my eyebrows were in desperate need of professional help. I have always been pigeon-toed, and bowlegged. I still am. I use to hate it, but now it doesn’t bother me, and the crazy thing is later on in life, it became a feature people were attracted to. Weird right ? lol

Recently I was on the phone with a male friend and he said I probably would have gotten teased, had a not been sweet and chill growing up lol. My parents did their best to make sure my brother and I looked presentable. I was a pretty nice kid, I had good grades, and I was involved, so things weren’t as bad as they could have been. I remember wanting attention from the opposite sex, and never really getting it. I remember , wanting the bodies like my friends … yet I was a bean pole. I remember wanting to have the same luxuries as some other kids, and financially some things just weren’t in the cards for me. It was at a young age that I realized materialistic and physical things will only take you but so far.

My best feature and quality, has never been physical. You can’t strip people of their character. Your character is who you are and at the end of the day, that is what gets you by. I mean even now, I still don’t have a big booty, but I represent for the petite girls all around (hey y’all *waves). I might not be the prettiest, smartest, shapeliest, or wealthiest girl, but I try to carry myself in the best manner that I can. In a room full of big booty amazons, I can still hold my own and capture the attention of the most notable bachelor in the building. It’s not about physical assets. It’s about your presence, who are you, and your overall vibe. People pick up on things like that. Looks are deceiving. The loudest one in the room is usually the weakest. The girl with the least amount of clothes might be the one who is the most insecure.

I’ve been in situations where I have met someone, and all he did was brag about his new car, or how much money he made. Now, if I were into materialistic things, and a woman that’s attracted to superficial entities that might have impressed me. I am a woman of character and that is the trait I admire most in people. I stand unimpressed by a lot of things. What good is all the riches, if you are a nasty person? No matter how well you dress, or what merchandise you have, that does not attribute to your personality. When we watch movies or read books, who are the characters we fall in love with? The ones with the hearts of gold. Of course the badass characters captivate us, but the ones full of charisma and heart are the one’s we always root for. I don’t know if its been scientifically proven, but that’s just what captivates people.

My point is, lead with your best quality. My best quality isn’t physical. It’s nothing you can see or touch. It’s something you would have to experience. Dig people for who they are and not what you see. You never know what masterpiece is lying underneath if you are only focused on the surface.



  1. I find many people don’t realize how far confidence and a feeling of self worth can actually carry them throughout their lives. People are attracted to someone who has their shit together, and who loves themselves. It’s definitely not about being the most attractive, wealthiest, etc.,

    It’s that “x-factor” that only truly happy and fulfilled people have that shines through to others. Those are the people you can’t take your eyes off of!

  2. I just wanted to say I love you, and I love this!
    I used to blog. I used to do a lot of things to keep me sane that I don’t Anymore. And now I live in my head. All the time. It’s depressing lol. I laugh only because it’s true and to keep from getting depressed.

    I love you KC. Proud of you

    1. Aww !!! Thank you sooooo much ! You have no idea what it means to me . I’m so incredibly thankful that you took the time to actually read this . It means a lot . This is something new that I started up , and I’m so hesitant on sharing some parts about myself. You know , that can get scary but all in all I’m so appreciative for any feedback. Especially good feedback from ppl I love and respect . Thank you so much boo . This made my day ! Xoxo

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