Friday Favorites

Slight Food Edition!

Citrus Favorite Brunch SpotCitrus | So I had this the first time a few days ago, I’m sold. The food was amazing, and super affordable. I love a good brunch menu, and I am a sucker for homemade juice options. I decided to try this omelet that had crab and shrimp inside. Can we say… Heaven?! Amen.

Outback Favorite Soup |  Outback– Clam Chowder | One of my friends put me on to this and I haven’t looked back since. This clam chowder is such a quick fix. It’s not too heavy and overwhelming, but just enough to keep you full. What’s even better is that it isn’t that expensive. You can get a whole bowl for under $6!

Chipotle Favorite Fast Food | Chipotle | I am a believer. I know its a whole Chipotle craze, and I am a fan. I only get the chicken bowls though. I’m going to have to expand my horizons.

Favorite Food | Sushi | I love sushi. I can name a few places for days . I like to try various places and give them all a go. Now, I don’t partake in the raw fish on a slab of rice. Anything else though? I’m game.Volcano Sushi

Favorite Cake| Cheesecake Factory- Snickers Cheesecake | This is my guilty pleasure. Not too much candy bar, not too much cheesecake. It’s the perfect balance and goodness is it good. It’s a treat every time I get a piece, by far my favorite slice of pie.Cheesecake Factory


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