Nails • Color of the Week •

Ok . I saw this design on Instagram a few weeks ago. Liked the picture, but I’m not crazy about this design on my hands.

I tried to get something other than my usual “neutral/nude” soft color and I’m just not a fan of this berry.

Color : Essie- Berry Naughty

Maybe next time. I did get my nails cut down, so I’m happy about that.





  1. I want to try those long talon nails because I love how they look so much, but my own nails grow super fast and super long, but become susceptible to snapping off when I’m messing with my natural hair haha. Do you get yours done at a salon or do them yourself?

    1. I love nails girl. I’m a little boy in all other aspects of my life, so getting my nails done is my only feminine effort. This shape has been my favorite by far. I use to get stiletto nails and I decided to switch it up, I moved the stiletto nail to my ring finger and the rest are the coffin/ballerina shape. && I had the same fear! I use to always get them snagged, but I think that has to do with your nail tech. I recently started going to this girl in VA (where i currently reside) and she’s amazing. These nails never pop off and believe me, I be doing the MOST sometimes. I wish I could do my own nails, it would save me a world of money. ughhh. Only thing I can do is hair and makeup. haha. You should try them though!

      1. I told my boyfriend I wanted to do the nails, he gave me this look of “Oh crap. I have to let her live her life but I don’t like those” hahaha. Tough tits, buddy, do what I want

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