Friday Favorites


Favorite New Sugar Rush | Oreo – Red Velvet additionI’m not a big Oreo fan, however… I am a huge fan of anything red velvet! The cookie is sweet, but it does resemble red velvet. They got a little stingy with the amount, as you can see the packaging is smaller than the original size. Nonetheless they are really good,  and its a limited edition flavor thanks to Valentine’s Day.


Favorite Accessory | Michael Kors Watch- Bradshaw | I love gold, it’s all I wear. I wear this watch everyday, unless I’m at the gym or something. It can dress an outfit up or keep it casually sexy. I never been a fan of bracelets, but I like wearing something around my wrist so this always does the trick. I don’t care when the trend dies off, I’m still going to rock it, its my fav.

Favorite Reason to Dress up | Halloween | This isn’t my favorite holiday, but Halloween has some perks to it. It gives us a reason to be big kids, and the excuse to be anything we want to be. The parties are better, people are friendlier, and you get to see how creative everyone is. Bonus: Candy goes on sale everywhere. I mean whats not to love? IMG_0761IMG_0764

Favorite Mindless App | Snapchat | Snapchat is so mindless and pointless, but yet so addicting and lazy. I crack up every time one of my friends and I carry a conversation in our inbox via video. Why don’t we all just FaceTime and call one another? Who knows. Yes, this is my snap info, I’m not up there a lot as you can see. And yes, my name in my phone is Beautiful. I mean a girl should be told she’s beautiful everyday right? Sirigio is so good to me. lol IMG_0766

Favorite Channel | I.D Channel | Deadly Women. Wives with Knives. Fatal Vows. Deadly Encounters. Web of Lies. Do I need to go on? I love it. I live for this crazy little channel, its my addiction, it’s my drug, I can watch it all day. Judge me all you want, I’m going to remain loyal to the network.



  1. I’m so salty, because I went grocery shopping today, purposefully stopped in the cookie aisle and there was NO red velvet Oreos at all. Obviously, the world was trying to tell me I wasn’t meant to have them (this day) but I still want them! ARG! Also, Fatal Vows is my jam. But I’d put Bravo or LOGO as my favorite channels for all the trashy Real Housewives shows and RuPaul’s Drag Race. WEEEEEEEEEE!

    1. And re-reading that comment, which I should do before I select “post comment,” there’s a huge grammatical error that’s driving me bonkers. WERE NO RED VELVET OREOS, NOT WAS, I SWEAR I’M AN EDUCATED HEIFER.

    2. Ok . Go back to the grocery store . I went through the cookie aisle && didn’t see them at first . They were on a stand in front of the store ! It happened to my best friend today as well. The devil is a lie ! Them cookies are in the store . I live for Bravo too! I don’t do the Housewives but I do everything else. Top chef . Millionaire matchmaker. Vanderpump rules . Lol && YASSSSSS TO RuPauls drag race ! I liveeeee. The new season is starting too I believe .

      1. Hahaha, OK! I’m gonna have to go back to the store anyway because I used the last of of cranberry mango juice on vodka and now I have vodka with no juice. This simply will not do! Those Oreos better get their life because I’m coming for them. And MARCH 2!!! Like, I don’t think you understand how excited about this show I am. I thinking of doing recaps of the season on my blog. Lastly, Vanderpump Rules. I have nothing in common with these ridiculously good-looking people who are WAY too dramatic for life, but I can’t stop watching it! I currently started watching it from the beginning after watching season 3 and not seeing all the back story and I legit have a problem.

      2. Dude, I went back to my grocery store, didn’t find the Oreos, went to my next closest and there they were. Beautiful, glorious red and white cookies packaged in a petite, blue shiny wrapper of goodness. And they’re so effing good, I somehow only ate two with all the the self-control of the gods. But they were totally worth the ride around!

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