Personal Blogging Goals

I recently started another blogging course and I have always been interested in specific blogging goals. I find that if I don’t make goals pertaining to my blog, I don’t stick with them. For the next few months I want to focus on some goals that I really want to see through. I’m going to share my top three… let me know what you guys think …

My first goal is to spend at least one hour each week visiting my followers’ blogs, reading their posts, and commenting on their work, from now until June. I really enjoy comments and interacting with other people, it gives me so much life when someone comments on a post I created. The comments I receive give me such joy, and I really want to build better relationships with my fellow bloggers. Therefore this is a goal that I am really looking forward to putting in action.

My second goal is keep up with my weekly features. Currently right now I have:

  • Thrift Of the Day or Threads of the Day ( Thursdays )
  • Friday Favorites
  • Fab Five Blogs ( Saturdays)

Weekly features are so much fun to me. I want to make sure that I make time for them each week. From now until March 27th, I am going to make it my duty to keep these posts up and going as scheduled.

My last goal and one I find most important , is to stick to a steady set of posts each week. Initially I wanted  to post something everyday, and it started to become difficult. I like to make sure that my posts are well thought out and written and that can sometimes be time-consuming. I’m going to shoot for 4-5 posts a week. What do you guys think? I’m eager to know how many posts other bloggers post throughout the week. Being that I am a new blogger, and trying to grow my blog, I am curious to know what other bloggers think is a sufficient amount of weekly posts…

Well … I think these goals are pretty achievable. It’s all about sticking to them! If you guys have any suggestions or feedback, I would LOVE to hear about it. Also, if you have some ideas, or want to share your goals let me know. I enjoy bouncing ideas off of one another =)



  1. You made some very good points and your goals are reachable. When I started I was pressed to think I needed to post something 4-5 times a week.. I discovered real quick that was not possible. You’re doing just fine. You set some terrific goals and are attainable. Stay focused and and consistent and without a doubt you’ll achieve your goals.

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