Mid -Week Progress | Weekly Goal Challenge

On Sunday I created a Weekly Goal Challenge, if you missed it … view here !

Well as far as my goals for my business. I completed that today. The delivery was on time and everyone LOVED the products. YAYYYY!!! I’ll post pictures at the end of the week.

Another role of mine was Blogger: My goal in this category was to create a blogging agenda. I have started one, and I think I have some weekly features that I would like to stick with.

My other role was daughter: My goal was to spend some time with my parents this week. I spent time with Mom today, so Dad is next on the list.

Thats my update! If you would like to join the challenge please let me know =)



  1. Well I haven’t got to this yet, sadly haven’t watched Selma yet, maybe tonight… Any who I have worked on my weekly goal. I have completed the blog post- decided to post 4 for the week (any more would be a bonus) I need to drastically work on my resume- haven’t completed spent time with family better time management still need to register for a course and completely failed at trying to wake up early and make breakfast. These are the first week blues 🙂

    1. Well I guess we could put Selma on the back burner lol… for now lol

      You are my hero for the week when it comes to blog posting! That is amazing. I need to do better this week. Congrats on the 4 posts already!

      Well you still have time this week to work on your resume. Remember tackle the one thing you keep putting off. If the resume is something that keeps slipping through, just figure out a day to look over it. I’m sure it will work out just fine =)

      YAY for school. Let me know what course you end up taking up! and lol…. we can master the art of waking up early. In due time, you will manage everything. I’m confident in you.

      1. Yeah but it is so easy to cheat for that last minute! but I’ve got to stop being lazy and just get up.

  2. Business/Entreprenuer Goal: Conversed with my business partner about ideas and made some leeway on the paperwork for our company.

    Student: Completed outline for 1st project with my group (due on 2/17 by the way 💁) and staying up on current events.

    Family/Friends: Spent quality time with my mother, visited my father and talked with friends.

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