Versatile Blogger Award

Good afternoon! I am so honored to be receiving awards, being a new blogger it really does mean a lot to me and I am so happy to receive this nomination. I was nominated by the lovely Valery. Thank you so much I really do appreciate it! Valery’s blog is one of my favorites, I have mentioned her in my Fab Five blogs before, if you haven’t checked her out yet please do so, she has so many good posts and topics.


Show the award on your blog
Thank the person who nominated you
Share seven facts about yourself
Nominate 15 blogs
Link your nominees and let them know 

7 Facts About Me:

  1. I’m a true Aries. Every character trait mentioned for that zodiac sign is me
  2. I’m a sushi addict
  3. I’ve kept a personal journal since I was 13 years old
  4. I have ADHD but I refuse to take medicine for it
  5. My favorite number is 3
  6. I will drive a SUV until the day I die. I currently drive a Ford Explorer and I love her
  7. I’m 5’2.




  1. Reblogged this on Things I Like to Blog About… and commented:
    I received this nomination a few days ago. While I thanked The Eleventh Letter on their blog and mine, I did not know how to post the award on my blog. Someone suggested I reblog the award–so here it is. I am, unfortunately, not the most computer savvy person. I will also re-post seven facts about myself. 15 nominations coming soon!

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