Dear Dream Reader,

Wow . That’s such a powerful statement in and of itself. I can’t really narrow down who and what I want my dream reader to be. I want all types of people to be interested in my blog. I came into this so open minded and willingly. I’m so hungry and eager to take this blog experience for what it’s worth. I want to captivate the opposites, I want to attract the likeminded. I just want good vibes and positive energy to be the atmosphere for The Eleventh Letter.

I don’t really have a “dream reader” per say. I can say that I just have a dream. That dream is for people to enjoy my blog as much I enjoy writing for it. I’m grateful for all who take the time to read, and all who take the time to comment. Honestly… I experience dream readers everyday. My definition of a dream reader is in all of you… and that’s real. There’s just not enough words of gratitude to express how thankful I am for your time. You are sincerely appreciated.

May mercy, peace, and love be yours in abundance – Best wishes to you all.




  1. Wow this is quite good writing. I love your blog so far! Can’t wait to check out some more posts. Check out my blog if you’d like as well: Hopeully it’ll give some good vibes.

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