So I Been Reading About Blogging Goals/Objectives…

Tomorrow starts the Blogging 101 course hosted by I’m looking forward to the insight and advice that is to come from the course. I believe that when you do anything, you need to have passion behind it. Passion requires goals, objectives, and discipline. I started reading and researching various posts and articles about blogging goals, and objectives. I wanted to share a few points that really stuck out to me.

  1. IDENTIFY YOUR GOALS. Imagine your blog’s future for a moment. What sort of ideal scenario do you see in your head? Don’t sell yourself short because you think it’s something you can’t achieve. Something is only out of your reach if you put it there. Never sell yourself short. EVER! Your goals may morph as time goes by, so don’t be too hard on yourself. The important thing is that you stay focused. Some sites suggest you write your goals somewhere visible, so you remain hungry every time you see them. I found some good lists and examples on .
  2. START WITH LONG TERM GOALS. When thinking about what achievements you want your blog to have, it’s easier to start with the long-term goals and work your way down into the smaller monthly, weekly and daily goals. This is essentially because your daily and weekly ambitions should be smaller stepping-stones to your long-term goals. If you need help figuring out some long term objectives, I found the following to be helpful
  3. STEPPING STONES. Just like long-term goals, you need short-term goals as stepping-stones. Break down your yearly goals into monthly and quarterly goals. Yearly goals are the big picture, quarterly goals are measures through the year to achieve the yearly goals, and monthly goals are breakdowns of the quarterly goals
  4. ANALYZE WHAT HAS WORKED. According to this is a method to help reach your goals .Always look at your metrics. You may feel that your intuition may suffice, often metrics can prove your intuition wrong.When setting goals, looking at your metrics first is crucial.
  5. STRATEGIC PLANNINGJust like everything in the world. If you want it, you are going to have to plan for it. Since strategies are based on your objectives, you will need to take each objective separately and plan what you will do to get it. Need help getting that started? Check out
  6. TIMING IS EVERYTHING. If you don’t set a deadline for your goals, you won’t accomplish anything. The longer you let time pass by, the less urgent your goals will become. Deadlines force you to work hard in a short space of time and to succeed in that timeframe. You can find helpful ways to achieve deadlines on
  7. BE HONEST! I pulled this point from I found it powerful. Honesty.It’s among the most important goals you could make for yourself, and it’s one that is easily forgettable. Make it your goal to share something about yourself that is boldly honest and real at least 2-3 times each month. Talk about your struggles. Talk about your frustrations. Talk about what makes you human. It’s what makes people connect to you and want to follow.
  8. Another objective that the site (previously listed) stressed was CONSISTENCY. If you want consistent followers, you need to be offering consistent reasons for them to follow. Find a way to make blogging a habit.This is especially crucial when a blog is small. When you disappear, so does your following.
  9.  FIND A SUPPORT SYSTEM. Find (or create) a blogging tribe with like-minded bloggers that are looking to support each other. A blogging tribe is great to have for collaboration, support and creating a lifelong relationship within the blogosphere. Another great way to find support is to join groups through social media. Media sites such as Blog Elevated Community can help you get started. Any blogger is welcomed to join. You can find the link on
  10. Set CREATION GOALS. Get those creative juices flowing. Build off of things that only YOU can make phenomenal. Create ideas that haven’t been seen before. Have your followers reading and saying to themselves — “Now why didn’t I think of that!” You can find a series of various goal categories on
  11. The most important objective in my opinion is to STAY INSPIRED. It was something that each and every article/post I read touched on. Stay inspired, stay motivated, and keep that fire under your ass. Always remember why you started blogging, you are up here for a reason.

Theses are just a few points that stuck out to me. What do you think is an important goal or objective when it comes to blogging?



  1. Love your advice and that you’ve done so much research to make your blog better for yourself (not for the opinions of others!) – super inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you and thanks so much for reading ! I really appreciate it . I enjoy articles concerning blogs. Theres so many different goals. It was fun though .I hope it was helpful ! Im glad you found some of the points inspiring 🙂

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