Michael Kors . Have you fallen victim?

I’m guilty as charged. I have fallen into the Michael Kors craze. I have a few purses. A gold watch that is hands down my favorite accessory. I have a red wallet that I absolutely adore.

My question is … Is the Michael Kors brand a phase? I remember when I was in high school Coach, and Dooney&Burke were all the craze. Everyone had either one of those purses or both. I graduated high school in 2007, just so you guys have an idea of the trends of that time. Anyways, as times have changed people now want more exclusive merchandise. The more accessible a fashion item is, the least desirable… or so it seems.

Michael Kors is still classic in my opinion. The merchandise does hold its value. I can say for their price, they are a good classic affordable purse to have. The merchandise is full of personality, but isn’t tacky. The items look good on all ages if you ask me. They aren’t dated, you can be young or old and still rock MK.

I remember going Black Friday shopping this year, they were the first purse brand to go off the racks. The sales for the merchandise was crazy. I was like Oprah this Christmas…
“You get a wallet”
“You get a wallet”
“Everyone gets a wallet !!! ”

You couldn’t beat the sale. I gave out those wallets like candy for Christmas.

I’m curious to see if the brand will go into the fashion history books as a “Universal Classic.” I appreciate the brand, and stand by the products I have purchased. I’ve never been one to toss things because the trend is over, so I definitely see me wearing what I’ve bought years down the line.

Although I will admit,I see Michael Kors EVERYWHERE . When I say everywhere… I mean EVERYWHERE.

I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing. Will Michael Kors become common or can we consider it an exclusive brand?

What do you think? Forever Fashion or Fashion Fad?

•Here’s some of my personal favorite MK go to’s • These pieces have been loyal to me and I love them.





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